Welcome to DIM

The Department of Institutional Memory (DIM) is a project of love, time, and appreciation originally dreamed up by several volunteers from the remarkably huge and uniquely organized staff that builds, maintains, and dismantles Black Rock City.

The mission of DIM is to curate a space, collect and share our memories; to help preserve them so they don’t vanish like burned art, last years’ Gate Road, or a Ranger who, having helped you realize you had your own solution all along, fades back into the dust.  Our memories shine some light on our past: traditions maintained and outgrown, things done well and not, lessons learned the hard way.  We hope it helps to light the paths forward, for us and for the folks who do these jobs after us.  

As you explore and add to this archive, keep in mind that memories preserve perspectives.  The fact is, there will always be multiple truths in any situation.  As with most things, this diversity is a strength of this amazing community.

“What’s past is prologue…”

William Shakespeare, The Tempest

If you have memories to share, click on the relevant Department’s logo on the left, and head on in to that Department’s pages, there are handy ways to upload your memories there.

If you have thoughts or questions for the DIM, we welcome your gift of feedback:

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