111 Fearless

Council of Familiars: Part 1

In this episode, Rangers Crow and Splinter get to spend an enjoyable afternoon with one of the longest-standing, active, and hard-working Rangers who still does shifts on Playa AND runs around the world helping people, Ranger Fearless.

Fearless moved to Nevada to get away from a challenging lifestyle in SF and went hot springs hunting. Accidentally stumbling across the event in 1993, Fearless wanted to see the event continue and along the way, made 70,000 or so friends, helped a lot of those people out of the mud, traveled the earth in a 4×4 truck with a train whistle and radar, and spectacularly, spent a lot of time picking up other people’s trash in the Black Rock Desert.

His next project is to work on providing water to the indigenous people (Wayuu) of a remote part of Columbia (La Guajira department of Colombia)

We hope you enjoy this Part 1 of the 2-Part episode – Fearless.