117 Harley K Dubois

Probably the Single Best Historian of the Black Rock Rangers: Episode 1 of 3

We (Splinter and Keeper) get to spend an afternoon with Harley K. Dubois. We learn so so much. Harley truly did have more information about anyone else regarding the early years of Rangering because well, she was there, and well, she was in charge of it.

Come listen to some of the most amazing memories about the early history of The Black Rock Rangers.

The Cacophony Society days, The big crazy year of 1996. The Massive changes made for 1997, including Joseph Pred running the Black Rock Rangers. 1998 ESD departure. 2002 and the upheavals. Ranger Council, Ranger Ops Teams.

And closest to our hearts? The idea that if you really want to make a rule, you had better figure out how you are going to break the rule later because that always happens.

It truly was a gift getting to ask Harley about all these important things that make the Rangers who they are.