Ranger Bibliography

A reading list of good books from the Ranger past and present:

Managing from the Heart,  1993, Hyler Bracey & Jack Rosenblum, et al.

Tao Mentoring,  1999, Chungliang Al Huang & Jerry Lynch

Collaborative Way,  1996, Lloyd Fickett

The Evolution of Cooperation,  1984, Robert Axelrod

The Tipping Point,  2002, Malcolm Gladwell

Verbal Judo,  1994, George J. Thompson & Jerry B. Jenkins

Fierce Conversations,  2004, Susan Scott

Coping with Difficult People,  1988, Robert M. Bransom

Five Dysfunctions of a Team,  2002, Patrick Lencioni

Checklist Manifesto,  2011, Atul Gawande

Civil Disobedience,  1849, Henry David Thoreau

Roughing It,  1872, Mark Twain

Revolt in the Desert,  1927, T.E. Lawrence

Life Among the Paiutes,  1883, Sarah Winnemucca

Report of the Exploring Expeditions…,  1845, John C. Fremont

Sand in a Whirlwind,  1972, Ferol Egan

The Desert Lake,  1967, Sessions Wheeler

Nevada’s Black Rock Desert,  1978, Sessions Wheeler

Desert Operations FM 90-3,  1977, US Dept of the Army

Chuck Dodd’s Guide to Getting Around in the Black Rock Desert & High Rock Canyon,  2005 

American Nomads,  2003, Richard Grant