Ranger Maxims, Memes, and Mantras

“Riding the edge of chaos”

“The default action is to do nothing.” *

“Rangers are the eyes and ears of Burning Man”

“One riot, one Ranger.”

“Rangers are the rebar of Black Rock City.”

“Rangers; because your mommy isn’t here.”

“We are not cops.”

“Making reasonable excuses for your behavior since 1992.”

“Authoritative, not authoritarian…”

“Authority figurines”

“Expect Change.”

“Please feel free to get over it.”

“No one is lost in Black Rock City.”

“Have you asked your neighbors for help?”

“Do not interfere with the experience of others.”

“No ma’am, we’re Rangers.”

“We’ll try to make better mistakes tomorrow.”

“Participant, ranger thyself.”

“The wind doesn’t always smell like flowers.”

“What’s the 20 on that dogshit?”

* “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.” – Winnie the Pooh


“No fun allowed.”

“Now don’t get your ‘participanties’ in a bunch…”

“Don’t shed your ‘voluntears’…”

Code phrases

“Must Report”

“Code 33”

“Admin, please?”

“Wait one…”

“Tengo dos pollos”

“Tokyo loves you”

“Non-operational traffic only”